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David graduated Harding School of Biblical Studies in 1985 and sat at the feet of such teachers and preachers as Jimmy Allen, Avon Malone, Neale Pryor, L.V. Pfeifer, Joe Jones, Paul Pollard, Eddy Cloer, and many more.

He has preached for Restoration Churches from Florida to California. Presently, he is the Minister/Missionary for the Marsh Harbour Church of Christ in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas.

He has authored 10 books including The Interwoven Gospel, which is all four Gospels woven into one chronological story of the Life of Christ using only the words of the Gospels. He has also written the book, "Getting God" which extensively deals with the character of God and is preached here in a series of lessons called "Understanding God."

He is the founder of Restoration Radio. His passion is the Lordship of Christ, the Character of God, and Undenominational Christianity.

david fincher

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