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Mike Cope

Mike Cope (born July 25, 1956) is a nationally known preacher and blogger in the Churches of Christ. He is also the ministry outreach director for Pepperdine University.

Mike Cope has been a Church of Christ preacher for over 27 years. In 1982, he preached at Pine Valley Church of Christ in Wilmington, North Carolina. In 1984, he moved to preach at College Church of Christ in Searcy, Arkansas. Finally, in 1991 he moved to Abilene, Texas to preach at Highland Church of Christ, where he remained until 2009.


He then joined Heartbeat Ministries as Executive Vice-President to engage in ministry online. In 2012, Cope became the ministry outreach director at Pepperdine University. In addition to preaching, Cope has taught at Abilene Christian University for over 15 years. He left the classroom in 2013 to focus on his role at Pepperdine University.


Cope has authored several books and has had a blog since 2003 that has attracted 4 million hits.[4] One of his books, Megan's Secrets, is about his mentally disabled daughter who died in 1994.

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